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About Us

About Us:

Kuvanant Foundation was established since 1978 in Khon Kaen,Thailand, by Dr.Vinyoo Kuvanant. The aim was to provide educational opportunities for local students and those living with disabilities in the rural areas of Thailand. Today, the foundation is able to provide scholarships covering 9 provinces in the Northeast and Northern region of the country.

Kuvanant Foundation has initiated the scholarship program in order to promote learning for children with disabilities in an inclusive learning environment since 1995 to enhance their physical, social, and emotional development which aids skills in personal growth and leadership. These skills thus enables them to learn how to empower themselves and others around them.



• Awarded "Excellence Organization " by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in 2003

• Awarded "Good Deeds Phenomenon in Khon Kaen " from Khon Kaen Municipality


Announced by the Ministry of Finance, contributions by individuals or corporations in Thailand can be deducted from their income.


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